Director Access connects organizations and their board members to documents, contacts, calendars and more. Users can access timely and confidential documents anytime, anywhere and have access to 24/7 support. Director Access also features true offline access with our iOS and Android apps.

Director Access can benefit any organization that needs to conduct efficient meetings in a secure manner.

Read about our features below.

Annotate on Any Device

Director Access allows your Directors to make notes on their files as if they were using a piece of paper. No matter which device they use to access their files, they can highlight, use a pen tool, cross out and underline, leave pop-up notes and much more. The annotations are saved to their IDs, so that no matter what device they login to, they can view their notes.

Voting and Approvals

The approval feature of Director Access allows users to approve items such as loan requests, minutes, policies and procedures. The results of the voting are accessible by the administrator in a detailed report. Votes are automatically tallied and appear in numerical and percentage totals. If desired, the administrator can allow anonymous voting. A one-time system email reminder can also be generated.

Secure Messaging System

Each user on your Director Access site can send a secure, encrypted message to another user or a group of people. All messages remain on the site and can only be viewed by the people who are corresponding with each other. A flashing indicator alerts users to new messages. Users can also monitor when a person has read a message.


Unlimited Storage

Director Access has no storage limitations for you or your directors. No matter how many files you upload to the site, they will remain there forever until they are deleted by the admin.

Full Archive

Go back in time and locate the material for any meeting by committee and date. This is a convenient way to retrieve information from past meetings, including viewing the comments relating to that meeting. All information is archived automatically.

Interactive Calendar and Email

Anytime the administrator adds or updates a calendar event, all directors for that committee will be alerted automatically via text message or email. The directors can choose to have these calendar events automatically synced into their iCal or Outlook calendar.

PDF Conversion

The administrator can convert a Microsoft Office Word or Excel file to a PDF when uploading to the Meeting Room. Optional restrictions include not allowing users to print, edit or copy content from the document.

Audit Trail

The administrator can view audit logs that list all actions that the users and administrator have performed on their Director Access site. An option is available to permanently remove the audit trail if your organization does not want to track these actions.


Need to get a quick opinion on a specific issue? Post a question with a list of up to eight answers and have each user vote for their choice. The votes are tallied and displayed as a percentage. Multiple questions can be stored on the site, with one question active at a time.


Looking for comprehensive responses that you can quantify? Build a custom survey that generates reports containing statistics such as question averages. Create sets of answers that can be stored and used for future surveys. An image can be added to each section of the survey for a reference.


Hold discussions on a variety of topics by creating your own forums. Users can create new threads, reply to existing threads, and edit or delete their responses. Users can also search the forum for a word or phrase.

Private Notes

A committee member can leave a private note for themselves pertaining to a specific meeting. This is a place to store comments or questions that the member wants to remember to discuss at the time of the meeting. It cannot be seen by other users. Users also can print the note if they want a hardcopy to bring to the meeting.