Mobile Application

The App Delivers True Offline Access

The idea of making board packages available online – is a relatively new concept. Customers across different industries have slowly adopted this idea as security, privacy and speed of delivery have become a growing concern. Convincing a company president or chief operations officer may not be as difficult as convincing the people who will use the portal: the board members. Going from a paper board book to a digital format can be a big jump for board members.?

Mobile tablet devices are more convenient and advanced with each new iteration. Most offer thin, high-resolution, LED-backlit displays that are remarkably crisp and vivid. For those accustomed to paper, tablets that are roughly 9 or 10 inches by 6 or 7 inches are nearly the same size as a standard sheet of paper. Tablets weigh significantly less than than a paper board package, making them conveniently portable.


Director Access is a secure, browser-based, online board portal developed by FIS. It's because of FIS' banking experience that Director Access has met the needs of so many banks over the last few years.

"When the iPad was released in early April, FIS was able to react quickly because Director Access was developed in-house by our own programmers. Within only a few days, Director Access was tested and released for full iPad support. FIS will always do our best to keep existing and future customers ahead of the curve in the technology world," says Patrick Schunke, line of business executive at FIS.

Access with a Single Touch

Marrying mobile with Director Access enables users to access board packages with a single touch. Along with instant access to current board packages, they can access an archive of board materials, loan request documentation, vendor management tools, calendar of events, secure messaging system, polls, forums, surveys, contact directory and a central repository reserved for policies, procedures and any other digital document you'd like your directors to have access to. The display automatically adjusts to being held vertically or horizontally. Directors will have the ability to zoom in to view smaller type and flip from page to page with the simple flick of their fingertips.

Keeping things simple

What you will not find on mobile are files, folders or windows. This is because mobile is not meant to take the place of a desktop computer or laptop. This keeps things simple: no distractions, just a practical, engaging and convenient user interface.