Go Green with Director Access

Eliminate all the Wasted Paper from your Board Meeting – Use Director Access

Go green!

The banking industry has a great opportunity to reduce waste and help the environment. B y the numbers: 

  • 8,430 banks in the U.S. hold 101,160 meetings per year.
  • This means printing 3,034,800 board and committee books, totaling 606,960,000 sheets of paper.

This equates to about 120,000 trees.

Those figures are just for the banking industry, and this doesn’t include the saved printer cartridges, collating and stapling, delivery costs, etc. This can be a very costly and non-environmentally friendly process. But with Director Access, it doesn’t have to be. 

Director Access’s Online Board Portal not only meets but increases your board communication and keeps board members up to date with what is happening in and around your company – while significantly reducing the time, effort, and money that it takes to create and distribute materials for board meetings. On average, every meeting using Director Access will eliminate 6,000 pieces of paper. 

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Our Directors appreciated our effort to "go green" by introducing them to a paperless board packet. The problem was, emailing an encrypted file was not the best method of delivery. Now, with Director Access, our Directors can view past and current board information anytime, anywhere, and they love the convenience. - Amy LeJeune, Croghan Colonial Bank